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Professional development and educational presentations that can be adapted for a wide range of audiences and situations ranging from small workshops through to whole-of-school keynote presentations, for teachers, students and parents. New! Online-on-demand options for each course.

Education staff and faculties

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Growth Mindset: Improving Teaching and Learning

From the ancient world through the Renaissance, and even today – artistic and intellectual ability is often viewed as an intuitive gift rather than the result of effort. To what end? Mindsets powerfully impact learning behaviour. Learners with a growth mindset work harder, embrace challenge, persist for longer and learn from criticism, whereas the fixed mindset develops undesirable learning dispositions and character traits, ultimately achieving less. Teacher mindsets result in teacher expectations impacting student achievement. It is important that teachers understand the impact their beliefs, words and actions have on cultivating the learning disposition of students.

Suitable for all teaching staff, primary and secondary. Options include a 60-minute keynote, half day and full day workshops.

The new 5-hour accredited Growth Mindset online professional learning course is now available. Enrol today and take the self-paced course in your own time.

Teaching for Metacognition

Metacognitive-supportive teaching has the greatest effect on learning. Metacognition is about active learning. Metacognitive teaching strategies enable students to take a greater role in their learning, enhancing intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, and ultimately, achievement. The best learners are metacognitive. All students can improve their metacognitive approach to learning. But how is this taught? Reinvigorate your teaching with pragmatic professional development that explores a synthesis of factors that make a difference.

Suitable for all teaching staff, primary and secondary. Options include a 60-minute keynote, half day and full day workshops.

The new 5-hour Metacognition online professional learning course is now available. Enrol today and take the self-paced course in your own time.

Teaching Musical Potential

Performance development, teaching and encouraging practice, the neuroscience of music learning, talent and learning mindset traits.

Knowing how to practise is the most important skill for musicians. Those who are unable to motivate themselves to apply deliberate practice strategies will lack real progress, and without progress, they usually quit. The best predictor of musical progress is the quality and quantity of practice time. Types of repetition, chunking, and slow practice are core. How is this taught, and how can we be certain that students really understand practice? 

The new 3-hour Teaching Musical Skill online course is now available. Enrol today and take the self-paced course in your own time.

Suitable for all music teachers, primary and secondary, classroom and studio.

Selected events 2024

Jan 14 Cambridge Suzuki Training, UK.

Jan 19 Sweet Adelaines Australia, keynote address.

Selected Events 2023

Jan 31 Brisbane Girls Grammar School QLD. Instrumental Music Engagement and Motivation.

Feb 9 Sacred Heart College SA. Music students – Practising Music, Developing Musical Skill.’

April 4 University Senior College, SA. Staff and Year 12 students:  SACE jazz and pop harmony.

April 16 European Piano Teachers’ Association. Metacognition in Music Teaching. Listen to audio.

June 28 Santa Sophia Catholic College, NSW. Parent talk on Growth Mindset. Listen to a similar talk from 2021.

July 4-7 ASME National Conference, NSW. Presentations: Developing Metacognitive Music Students, and Music Practice and Motivation.

Sept 6 Dragon School, Oxford, UK, Music staff.

Sept 19 Clifton College, Bristol, UK, Music staff.

Full list of client schools and conference presentations.

Unlocking Musical Potential – Auckland, NZ. Review.

Great Southern Grammar, Albany, Australia. Presentations to all staff and parents. Newsletter.

Developing Musical Skill – EDSC, VIC. ANCA Review.

Parent Lecture – Children and Learning, Colo HS, NSW. Parent feedback

Students and parents

Learning Excellence

How do some students achieve so much more than others? Michael Griffin’s compelling and inspirational presentation synthesises the factors that most impact successful learning and achievement. Presented in an engaging student-friendly manner, Learning Excellence will reinforce your school’s aim to provide students with a clear direction for intrinsically motivated, confident, enjoyable, and ultimately more successful, learning. The core message is one of self-determination; that students must and can take ultimate responsibility for learning, which begins with a can-do growth mindset. Indeed, schools that cultivate a growth-mindset culture best nurture the character traits of commitment and persistence.

Now with an online-on-demand option. Generous group discounts and site licences available.

Suitable for senior students and differentiated in a lighter format for younger student. 

Developing Musical Skill

The internal drive that underpins choices, decisions, and music practice, relies on the greatest of all motivators – making progress. When students lack progress, they likely quit. For musical progress, nothing is as important as the quality and the quantity of practice time. This course will equip students, teachers, adult learners, and parents with the methods and mindset required to maximise the prospect of learning music enjoyably and successfully. An international hit, Michael Griffin’s Developing Musical Skill has enthralled and empowered audiences in 30 countries.

Differentiated presentations for seniors, prep, parents, and music teachers – primary and secondary, classroom and studio. Recommended duration 60-90-minutes.

The new Developing Musical Skill online training course is now available. Nine videos and 35 optional activities. Enrol today and take the self-paced course in your own time. Generous group discounts and site licences available.

For parents and school communities

The above topics can be presented to parent and community groups. Other subjects include the impact of technology on learning – including smart phones and computer games, and the importance of sleep.

Corporate Professional Development

The Smart Culture: Igniting Potential

Why is it that some employees achieve so much more than others? Is it a talent hardwired into their DNA? Dismissing this age-old notion in favour of another known factor: effort, Michael Griffin demonstrates how the quality and quantity of effort is the greatest predictor of expert performance. This inspiring, accessible talk will equip business leaders with the methods and mindset to increase staff capacity.

Bespoke presentation,  tailored for audience,  recommended keynote duration 45 -60 minutes.


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