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Michael Griffin has written eight books. Six pertain specifically to music education with Learning Strategies for Musical Success receiving international critical acclaim. Metacognition: Teaching Children to Think, and Children and Learning – For Parents assist teachers and parents in cultivating children’s learning dispositions, intellect, and character. Details and purchasing options for all books, below.

Why are some people better learners than others? Learning is about thinking. Metacognition is about knowing not only what you think, but why you think it and how you arrived at your thoughts. Metacognition is one of the magnificent joys of learning. When students become more metacognitive, they thrive, broadening potential, achievement, and enjoyment. Metacognition is the learner’s coming of age, the hallmark of intrinsic motivation. It is essential for reaching expertise in any domain.

Teaching and parenting for metacognition is one of the most exciting yet reachable goals for education in the twenty-first century. Let the cognitive revolution begin! Supported by contemporary research and historical perspective, this fascinating little book articulates clear rationale and strategies for teachers and parents to enable children’s minds to flourish.

Michael has the ability to convey complex ideas in an easy-to-understand format that will be so useful and important for both teachers and parents”. – John Padley, Queen Anne’s School UK

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Learning Strategies for Musical Success

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Now in its second edition, Learning Strategies for Musical Success by Michael Griffin demonstrates how the quantity and quality of practice is the greatest predictor of musical success, so that aspiring musicians of all ages and abilities can best bring about expert performance. This inspiring, accessible guide will equip students, teachers and parents with the methods and mindset to improve the likelihood of learning music successfully.

“A truly masterful book. Especially impressive is the way he offers a wealth of practicing strategies, all supported by evidence that makes clear why these strategies will be effective. He has done extensive research in many areas and has found ways of organizing and presenting his findings in a clear and cogent manner. As I was reading, I found myself nodding in agreement and underlining copiously throughout. This book is a must read for all teachers and students. Bravo!” – Paul Sheftel, Julliard School of Music, NYC.

“The strength of Griffin’s discussion lies in his clear explanations of the terminology as well as practical ways in which teachers and parents can foster highly motivated, self-driven learners in both the classroom and private studio. Fascinating. Deserving of a wide readership.” – Dianne James, Ritmico Magazine, NZ.

Developing Musical Skill for Students

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An original medley of timeless wisdom, evidence-based strategies and encouragement, Developing Musical Skill offers invaluable insight on the essentials of reaching musical excellence that are within any student’s grasp if they possess the correct perspective and the correct way to practise.

A really great book! Well organized, clear and concise. I will be recommending it to my students.” – David Coleman, OHIO USA

Bumblebee! Rounds & Warm-ups for Choirs

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More than just a collection of 130 choir exercises. Timeless wisdom to help you get your choir into shape.

An excellent publication, fun and varied. I have many different books with warm ups, but this is definitely my favourite.” – Sandra, UK

The comments on vocal technique are absolutely accurate and workable for voices of any age. I would highly recommend this book for the serious choral director.” – S. Gorder, USA.

Modern Harmony Method

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This clear and well organised text is suitable for students of arranging and composition, and for classically trained musicians wishing to further grasp the simple logic of jazz harmony. As well as the traditional hard copy, Modern Harmony Method is now available as an e course.

This book certainly delivers. Griffin does a superb job giving clear and concise steps that students should take when approaching the task of harmonizing a melody. The book is laid out in a clean, easy-to-understand format, and will be a great resource for any music teacher or student interested in understanding and applying theory/harmony concepts.” – Natalie Wickham, Music Matters, USA.

Modern Harmony
Music and Keyboard in the Classroom

Books 1 and 2

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The two books in this series comprise a practical music education unit of work for Years 6-9 students in the keyboard lab. A mastery course, it integrates theory, aural training and creativity, allowing students to progress at their own rate and to ‘teach’ one another.

This has been a great buy; the books are just superb! Interesting topics with a wide range of pieces. Great content with clear progression of learning. Fascinating teaching philosophy! BRAVO! “The Grieg Academy, London

Recently released, Jigsaw Music is a fun, online addition suitable for general music students ages 11-14. Ten musical puzzles to be solved, this course fuses reading basic notation with playing by ear. Watch this 3-minute video to learn more.

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Children and Learning

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Children and Learning provides guidance on how to support children’s education and all-round development. It includes clear explanations on the most effective and important strategies for cultivating selfdetermined, life-long learners.

Parents are disadvantaged in that they are mostly unaware of the teaching expertise of those in charge of their children’s education. This book concentrates on a few select fundamentals for reaching success. Essentially, this entails a can-do mindset, an understanding of the mechanics of how learning occurs – and the time it takes, and the development of character traits such as commitment and perseverance.

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For international customers, Michael’s books are also available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and J.W.Pepper (Bumblebee)